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Indelible Ink tattoo studio 2.0 LLC

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Indelible Ink tattoo studio 2.0
1163 Pleasant St
Fall River, MA 02723
1 508 6774465 (4INK)


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Studio Hours

Tony and Ashley are available for Tattoos, body piercing, and consults by appointment only. Just call the studio and leave us a detailed message at your convenience and we will get to you as soon as possible. 

Mon  -  Thursday 2-9pm

Friday. -  2-5pm.  (Occasional closed)

Saturday. -  Sunday. -  closed




Our Creative Team

My wife and I are the only Two artist in our studio.We bring our own styles and experiences to the studio but we also share the same ideas most of the time  when  coming up with new ideas for our customers. What unites us is a passion for body art and decades of experience in this form of expression. Also the love we have for one another to keep our business continuing  to grow  with nothing but bigger and better future ideas to come. Here's a closer look at  our tattoo artists and piercing pros:

Tony "The DOCTOR" Estrella
Owner / Tattoo Artist
 I'm a Fall River tattoo legend with over 15 years of experience as an artist. In 2002 I decided it was time to open a studio, and that's when Indelible Ink tattoo studio 2.0 was born. Prior to this huge change in my life, I also earned a bachelor degree at U-Mass Dartmouth as a Medical Laboratory Scientist and then proceeded to work in the field for over 10 years. I then became a Tattoo/Body piercer which became my passion. I believe in doing things the right way or no way at all. I give my alleach and every day into every service i provide and want nothing but the best quality amazing work that i can give.  Every day I always try to advance myself in learning all that this amazing Field has to offer.There are no boundaries to the world of art, and i always love to take on a new challenge. I always give my professional advice and most honest opinion because every tattoo should be as unique as the customer it belongs too.

Ashley''The Classy Bitch'' Estrella Manager/Tattoo Artist


Ashley joined the studio in 2012 and since then, our studio has sky rocketed to a whole new level of class. She's extremely sexy, artisticly tallented, knowledgable in management, and customer service, entertaining, hard working and and amazing artist.She has a passion just as big as mine for Art. She also loves a good challenge in new drawings upon requests and making all of our customers more than satisfied with their legal Addictions<3  Having her by my side as my wife, lover, partner, and best friend has been a blessing from the gods above. My business runs smoothly and Precisley and shes the glue that hold us all together.


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