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Indelible Ink tattoo studio 2.0
1163 Pleasant St
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Studio Hours

Tony and Ashley are available for Tattoos, body piercing, and consults by appointment only. Just call the studio and leave us a detailed message at your convenience and we will get to you as soon as possible. 

Mon  -  Thursday 2-9pm

Friday. -  2-5pm.  (Occasional closed)

Saturday. -  Sunday. -  closed




Artist Portfolios

It's our mission to provide you with the highest quality body work. Over the years, Indelible Ink tattoo studio has made countless dreams come to life.

Below you'll find a selection of samples from our favorite work. We've provided a cross section of different designs, locations and types to give you an idea of what's possible.

Tattoos by Tony "THE DOCTOR"

Tattoos are everlasting symbols of yourself. They carry great meaning and importance, and Indelible Ink tattoo studio 2.0 treats every tattoo as a unique undertaking. I am a self taught tattoo artist and had only 3 tattoos under my belt before creating,opening, and operating Indelible Ink Tattoo Studio 2.0 LLC. It was a risk with much reward. I have a medical degree in Medical Laboratory Science and practiced my medical profession for over 10 years. I obtained a license as an EMT and graduated from Diman Regional, Vocational Technical HS as a welder and fabricator. I'm a perfectionist and I do it rite the first time so my clients stand out above the rest. I'm never over confident in my skills and I believe theres always ways to exceed yesterdays skills. I love my family and thank them for all there support and I believe a man is only as good as the woman that stand besides him. I must be a great man because the woman that stands besides me is an incredible woman. Ashley ismy best friend and is by my side 24/7 and helps make our studio a welcoming, professional, and clean studio. My boys Austin and Dylan have also indured the ups and downs of owning a business and I'm greatful for their love and support. My daughter Jocelyn is new the workings of the business but is inspired to become involved 100% and loves to be a part of it. Dylan just started a small jewelryline business with in our stidio and hopes to learn how to be sucessful. Austin is hard working and helps out when ever called apon and is great at everything I ask of him. Ashley is awsome at helping the customer create there tattoo designs, smart, friendly,hard working and extremely sexy. Sharing her beauty with my customers is a benifit i'm proud to have.

Ashley is an aspiring natural Artist/ Tattoist who will be practicing under her husband, Tony. Since working at the studio in 2012, Ashley has learned and mastered the Art, but most important  the techniques of building custom tattoo designs that are essential to a great tattoo.She has her own great style of artwork. Together as husband and wife, We hope to build a tattoo studio that provides a service above the rest. So stop by and let Ashley leave an indelible impression on your skin. No perverts please. This is a family business that earns respect by giving it.


Piercings at Indelible Ink tattoo studio come in all shapes and sizes, but the results are always quick and clean. Our professional staff uses state-of-the-art machinery and hygienic procedures for maximum comfort.

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